Do we actually know what a body is? Priyam tried to find an answer!

Not only humans and animals, but all physicals thing in this planet have some forms of instrument for living which is made of five elements. They are air water, fire, earth and space. The whole universe and the nature are in play of these five elements. Human body is the most sophisticated revolutionary machine ever made. To know the human body, we have to know the basic five elements which is the fundamental of your existence. This body is a mixture of five elements. These five elements are as pure as God because he is everywhere and so as these elements. If we know how to maintain balance between those five elements, then our physical well-being is evident.

5 elements of earth

Other Physical Factors

There are also some chemicals in our system which we describe as emotions. If we don’t know how to handle our chemical releases or emotions, we will damage our system and right now it is scientifically proven. Take the example of anger. Now, these chemicals are just a play of thoughts. The only difference between thought and emotion is, thoughts are ‘Rajdhani Express’ and emotion is ‘local train’. Local trains are sometimes stuck in one place for certain period of time but thoughts do not, isn’t it? Thought is especially driven by our nature or surrounding nature like your family, friends, work environment.

Feature of blog by Priyam Acharya

Actual Reality

Now you know what influences your physical well-being and how to maintain it. But what is physical and how can you know that? 

Fundamentally, all these matters are mortal in nature, if you can see it and accept it deeply then your mind will long for identifying itself with something else. If that happens, then you are detached and completely know what the body actually is. You have to go deeper into it.

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