How much importance does the family have in our life?

In the current phenomenon, today’s neutral generation where one family means 3 persons is quite normal. Most of the children are staying away from parents, for work for study or whatever. Less interaction between children and parents. Most of them don’t even see their grandparents. By the time market and industry projected our mind on exclusion, that’s why in most of the families there are no bonding or togetherness alive between them.
See in adulthood we feel like we are the strongest and toughest human beings but essentially that is not true. A small fear can just freak you out, how can you be the toughest then?!


Why the family is important?

Family and relationships are not just bonding, you can say a bonding that binds you. Most of the people are not geared up to make this journey of life by themselves (alone) and happily. When I say alone some people will think about misery, which means you need someone’s company. Family is like a boundary to make you adjustable in life and back support that you will not fall. Emotional security, a deep sense of bondage, fulfilling your needs, etc. is needed for a person to be active in life, isn’t it? So the family is not about partnership it’s about how much inclusive you are, how much attached you are.


Is it necessary for all?

No, it’s not a need for all, but most of all have this. Who geared up fully within themselves to make this journey alone, they don’t need it. If you can see that you are capable enough to handle all the situations alone you could go on and make this journey beautiful. What happened is the family is a backlog that you have to carry, and you have to be much more responsible for it, otherwise it’ll go anywhere. Yes, it has restrictions, it has boundaries, it has a lot of responsibilities, you should maintain in your life according to it otherwise it’ll seem like a business, not a family. So if you have the necessary devotion and inclusion this can be a great thing but when you thought that I don’t need to be restricted, I don’t want any responsibility, I have my own emotional security, I’m capable to make all the journey alone then you should must take another path. It’s not good or bad its just Every things have their own criteria to be maintained. If you have the necessary package within then you don’t need to throw your life into this. Family is a huge part of our life if anything goes a little wrong it’ll just make you crazy.


So it’s not a question of necessary or unnecessary, it’s about how much you are willing to do it, how much importance you have for it.

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