What is space and time?

In the entire universe, space and time are two sides of the same coin. If there is no space, then there will be no time and there will be no creation also. Time and space are not two different things, it is one. The universe holds these two physical things, time and space. But why are they not physical? Yes, it is physical but very subtle, like thought, and from there, time starts. The concept of time begins in our minds. If you open your eyes, there is time but when you close it there is no time.
If there is no space or vacuum, then how will the clock will run? If there is no distinction of value between 0 and 1, then how were all the numbers created? So, space means a gap between two points and in between these two points, time and creation exist.

The man staanding alone below the space

Creation of time

We all know that what we think, will be created eventually. So, you are creating your own future time. When you invest your whole energy to reach a certain point, then time begins. Let’s make this simple, if you are sad, then in your experience time is running slow. It feels like a long day. So you invest your thought on a certain point that’s why the time curbs. When your mind is focused on the present, suppose you are with your favorite person, you can’t feel the time. When you compare your emotions or thought to another, you will able to grasp the speed of time like how fast or slow it was.

Time is created by our energy of thought. Everything is related to space theory, E=mc2, time travel, black whole, warm whole, string theory, etc. But who interpreted this? Our own mind. So where does the time travel actually exist? In our own mind or external world? We are aware of time and space because of mind. We cannot see the time but we can observe it.

Are the time and space ever expanding?

Is there any end or beginning of space and time? Will all the things go on and on? If we go by physical means and try to explore the universe, this is next to impossible. Read this carefully, we are searching for the last point of the universe in our mind. We have already created a point that is “the last point of the creation”. Let’s say maybe somehow we achieved it, still, there are hundreds of other points which will come up and it will go on again.
In the theory of gravity Einstein described “there is a curvature of time and space caused by mass and energy”.  When we concentrate on one thought and channelize the energy towards it, the time and space will be curbed, everyone will experience that at some point in time. So the theory and the nature of the mind are all same.

Time and space is not a separate thing. So where is the endpoint? Scientists say in the black hole everything just soaked up, light can’t travel in the black hole because of its gravitational pull. Everything we perceive by our five sense organs, time and space exist in our mind. If we could understand this and jump more into the inclusiveness, we will find that there is a point when time and space just soaked up like a black hole where no creation exists but a small point that is not separate from the whole creation. From this single point everything begins and into this everything comes to an end, into the point again. Again and again, this is happening in cyclical nature. The point where everything gets dissolved is the point where everything begins.

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