National Doctor’s Day , July 1


What is The National Doctor’s Day

Doctor’s Day is celebrated Each year in India on July 1. This is to mark the birthday of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, who was a world-renowned physician, freedom fighter, and politician who held the post of chief minister of West Bengal. This day also acknowledges and celebrates the efforts put into the health, well-being, and safety of other people by medical professionals. 

History of National Doctor’s Day 

National Doctor’s Day was first celebrated by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) in India on July 1, 1991, which was in the honor of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy‘s contributions to serving humanity and to the medical field.

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy was born on July 1, 1882, and incidentally passed away on the same date in the year 1962. He was born in Patna, Bihar, and he studied at Patna Collegiate School, Presidency College Calcutta, and Patna College. And Did his post-graduation from St Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. There he became a member of the Royal College of Physicians and a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. He returned to India in 1911 and devoted himself to community service and the freedom movement and made great contributions to the medical field in the country.

He is credited with the establishment of institutions like Chittaranjan Cancer Hospital, Chittaranjan Seva Sadan for women and children, Jadavpur T.B. Hospital, Victoria Institution (college), and Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital, among others. He was the second Chief Minister of West Bengal. On February 4, 1961, he was awarded the Bharat Ratna.

Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy

Significance of National Doctor’s Day 

We celebrate National Doctor’s day to acknowledge and express our gratitude to our doctors who work tirelessly day and night to ensure our well-being. Especially during this pandemic, the crazy amount of work the medical professionals have been doing is applauding and one day is just not enough to celebrate them. It’s even more necessary to thank them for working 16 hours and longer shifts at a stretch to look after a huge number of incoming patients. Forgetting their families, they chose to serve the nation.

Source: Wikipedia

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