About Us

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What is Aftersearch?

Aftersearch is a multi-purpose on-growing website chain. It’s our job to collect and recompose data from the various websites to give users compact answers against their queries. Not only that, Aftersearch is an open platform where any content creators (written content) can scribble their ideas to the world for free, and also if they can maintain regularity on it, they can also start earning directly from Google through our site. We also have a News site, where we publish unknown news, like recently invented products, upcoming products, etc. Also, Aftersearch original content creators publish their own reviews and opinions on various topics. Aftersearch will launch an e-commerce website for Visual artists in India so that they can sell their art through our site. The sellers will not have to pay us any money for selling. We are for them who need quality contents, and for them who create those.

What do we do?

As we previously mentioned, Aftersearch is a multipurpose website, so our area of work is broad.

Research: If someone is going to buy something or wishes to gift their loved ones a present, then they have to do a lot of research on the internet to find the perfect one. We are always here to help them! We do all the research in advance on behalf of them and give them a list of ideas we have sorted out or detailed information about their query!

Research On Recipes: We all know the basics of cooking, don’t we? What’s the big deal in making a sandwich for breakfast, right? But, we all crave some delicious foods sometimes, and eating out often can be unhealthy! So we provide you our own perfect recipes with really simple steps made with affordable and easily available ingredients!

Research on reviews:  If you are willing to buy something or looking for something that will suit you, then you will definitely search for a review about that product. But, some websites say that the product is good while some websites think otherwise. Confused about which one is right? We are always happy to help you. We research various products and about their review from different websites, and also give our own opinion on the product and present a demo on how to use it for you. We create a complete answer based on your query that will clear your confusion.

Original Contents: Our original content creators also create content that reflects their ideas and help people to understand a topic in a better way through their perspective.

Provide Platform: We also provide everyone to scribble their ideas through our site for free. Also, they also can start earning for their passion. To know more about ‘Opportunities with Aftersearch’, CLICK HERE.

About Founders

Subhankar Dutta

Data analyst, Content writer, SEO manager, Web designer, Digital Marketing Manager, Photographer.

Debdipta Mitra

Professional content writer, Expert data researcher, Aftersearch original content creator.