8 Best Gift Ideas for Your Boyfriend!

A small gesture does put a smile on the face, right? Gift your boyfriend something heart-warming and make his day. Let him know that he doesn’t need a special to be pampered. Surprise him! Gifting him something thoughtful can be a hard task and I am always there to help you out! I have sorted out a few things you can give him. Here’s a list of things to present to him:


We all love to smell amazing, don’t we? Gift your boyfriend an incredible perfume. He can wear it daily while going out or can wear it while going on dates with you. Make sure the perfume is long lasting.There are various products in the market and it is difficult to choose the best one. I would suggest that you buy the gift from these brands:

Customized Mugs

Anything personalized is always really sweet and special. Gift your boyfriend a customized mug and he will surely cherish it forever. You can print your favourite picture with him, or a beautiful message for him that will make him blush, or you can print both.  Make sure the mug is microwave proof and dishwasher safe. Not all websites are genuine. I am enlisting two websites that are trustworthy and pocket-friendly: Fernsnpetals: https://www.fnp.com/personalised-mugs?promo=plpbanner_pers_gfts_desk Canvas Champs: https://www.canvaschamp.in/photo-mugs

Customized Photo Frames

You can gift your loved one a photo frame with pictures of you both together. Attach all the pictures of the delightful moments you two lovebirds have spent together. This is absolutely going to be a beautiful gift for him. I am enlisting three websites that are trustworthy and pocket-friendly: Canvas Champ: https://www.canvaschamp.in/framed-prints Fernsnpetals: https://www.fnp.com/personalised-photo-frames?s=autosuggestion

Beard Grooming Kits

If your boyfriend is obsessed with his beard, gifting him a beard grooming kit should be great idea and he will definitely love this!

The things this grooming kit constitutes:

  1. Beard Shampoo & Conditioner
  2. Cedarwood Beard Oil
  3. Beard Softener Balm
  4. Beard Comb
  5. Beard Brush
  6. Scissors


Most men are really fond of T-shirts. You can present to him a T-shirt merchandise of his favourite series, sports team, or you can just gift him a normal cool T-shirt. You can gift him these: Character merchandise – Redwolf A F.R.I.E.N.D.S. t-shirt: Amazon India Superhero Merchandise – Redwolf

Hand-made Gifts

Hand Made gift

Hand-made gifts are indeed the best gifts of all. He will understand that you are important to him and acknowledge your efforts. Make him a cute card and wrap up some chocolates, and don’t forget to capture the glow on his face when he opens your surprise.

Here I am enlisting 5 ideas that will blow his mind:

  • Hand made gift cards
  • Home-made cakes
  • Hand-made scrap book
  • Hand-made bracelet
  • Chocolate bouquet

Wrist Watches

Watches are very useful presents. You can give him a watch of his favourite brand. You can gift him analog watches, digital watches or smart watches. Choose the belt of the watch of his favourite shade. Choose a light-colored band if he likes light colors and vice-versa. If he likes his watches loose, gift him a watch with a chain belt. Otherwise, normal belt is preferred. You can consider these brands:


A pair of sunglasses can of course be a lovely present. Make sure you choose one of the colour that he likes, and the structure type suits his face.

Choosing sunglasses is not an easy task. You need to keep a lot of things in mind while buying them:

  1. The glasses should be 100% UV protected.
  2. The glasses must be anti-glare. Avoid mercury layered glasses.
  3. The handles should be of fiber or stainless steel. Or else the handles will be corroded and will break after a few days only.
  4. The size of the sunglasses should match with the size of his face.

All these materialistic gifts will definitely make him love you even more. But don’t forget to appreciate him everyday and compliment him. Make time for him and support him in his hardest times. These little things will always be the best gifts you could gift him.

Debdipta Mitra

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