7 Best Gift Ideas for Newborn Babies!

The arrival of a new-born baby not only brings joy and laughter to the world. If you are an Indian then you know there is a ritual to gift something on the first visit to a new born baby, sometimes all of us gets confused what can we gift that little sweet member of someone’s home. While choosing a gift for someone we definitely keep in mind that our presented thing should be useful for him or her. But in case of choosing a gift for new born babies, we definitely have to consider the safety of that product, otherwise little angels could get harm from that, right? As well as gifts should be helpful for their parents too. Considering all of these, we have sorted 8 things or ideas that eliminates all those worries while gifting a new baby.

Johnson’s Baby Care Collection

It is an ideal present for a newborn or a new parent as the company is dedicated only to babies. These types of all-in-one packs contain many specially designed baby-care products like Johnson’s:

  • Top to Toe wash
  • No More Tears formula  Shampoo
  • Hair Brush.
  • Oil
  • Cream
  • Powder, etc.


Also, there is a wide range of prices for these kinds of products available in India. Choose any one which seems pocket-friendly for you, and welcome someone so small with comfort.

Baby Cloths

Ahh well, we all know that babies do not like to wear something on their bodies, and also clothes get dirty faster as they do nature’s call anytime and anywhere. Though, in this social media world, all parents will definitely appreciate if you present their little angle with a good-looking clothes. There are too many options available in the market and there are many types of prices as well.

But we have to keep it in mind that:

  • While buying baby clothes, you always have to buy cotton clothes. Synthetic fiber clothes are harmful for new soft skins.
  • Search something that is easily washable and also dries faster. New parents would definitely appreciate this.
  • Try to choose light colours. Because it suits most of the skin tones.


Here is a list for you:

  • Overalls
  • Mittens
  • Beanie
  • Baby apron
  • Socks
  • Diaper
  • Singlet
  • Shoes
  • Safety pin

Water-proof Baby Sheets

Water-proof baby sheets can be a necessary present for all new-borns as they often wet themselves. There are several bedsheets that can cause rashes to the new born, so definitely beware. Material can be of rubber and cotton so that it is soft for the baby’s delicate skin. You may consider BeyBee while buying baby sheets.

What to keep in mind while buying?

  • Make sure the sheet is hypoallergenic and light weight.
  • Protects from the major problems caused by usage of diapers such as urinary infections, rashes and redness.

Baby Toys

There are various baby toys to present to a baby:

  • Rattlers – The jingling sound of rattles not only soothe their swinging moods but also helps in their mental development. There is a wide range of rattle toys of different shapes, sizes and bright colours which are a perfect fit for little babies.
  • Soft Toys – Some of the best brands for buying soft toys for your little ones are:
  2. Ultra
  3. Babyhug
  4. Disney
  5. Fab N Funky
  6. Mi Arcus
  • Musical rattle cot mobile – Colourful musical rattle cot mobile with hanging toys will attract and delight the baby as it plays pleasant sounds. It will keep the baby occupied when he or she is alone in the cot.
  • Activity mats – Activity mats are important for brain development and can we used to play with as well. When you buy an activity mat, make sure it is waterproof and easy to carry. Activity mats can also be taken outside if you go for a picnic with your baby on a Sunday morning.


 A cot can be a very useful gift for a new mom! Types of cots that you can gift:

  • Carry Cot with Rocker– Things to keep in mind while buying:


  1. Make sure the canopy is large enough to cover your baby so that he or she is protected in all weather conditions when you are outside.
  2. Make sure the cot has a easy-to-grip handle and the cushions have washable seat cover.
  3. The cot should be made of premium fabric for the baby’s soft skin.


  • Folding and convertible cot – Things to keep in mind while buying:


  1. Make sure the cot has the best ventilation with Air Mesh on all 4 sides.
  2. It can have wheels and legs so that it is portable and easy to move around the house.
  3. Make sure it has a toy bar to engage your child while playing.
  4. It should have a good mattress for the baby to have sound sleep.


Reasons to buy pacifiers or teethers:

  • Pacifiers help in jaw development and guide the baby in their first steps in learning.
  • It supports the natural movement and positioning of the tongue and encourages oral development.
  • Pacifiers are a very soothing aid when baby is irritable or cranky or unable to fall asleep.


Things to keep in mind while buying:

  • Make sure it is safe and nontoxic and the material is 100% silicon and BPA free.
  • The handle should be attractive so that the baby is engaged.
  • It should have a natural feel with soft elasticity similar to a mother’s nipple, which makes it easier for the babies to latch on.
  • It must have protective cover to shield from harmful germs, humidity and bacteria.

Baby Carriers

Baby carriers are an important present to new parents if they have to go outside to the supermarket or someplace else and can’t leave the baby alone at home.


What to keep in mind while buying?

  • Make sure the handle has a soft-touch area for comfortable carrying and chest pads for your little one’s comfort.
  • It should have a side impact protection with deep, softly padded side wings that protects your child’s head, neck and spine, ensuring the best and safest fit.
  • The strap of the carrier should be padded and must have shoulder strap.

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