7 Best Gift Ideas for Your Mom's Birthday!

Our moms are our unsung heroes. They don’t need any special day to be celebrated. But a small gesture does put a smile on the face, right? Gift your mom something beautiful on her birthday and surprise her. Our moms hardly buy something for themselves. They always save that money for our future. So, gift her that something which she has always wanted to buy but didn’t! It’s definitely going to make her feel really happy! I got these ideas from my personal experiences and hope you will like them too!

Hand Bags

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Handbags are something that everyone wants to own! And one is never enough. They more the better, isn’t it? If you are gifting hand bags, I would prefer that gift her a leather one. Leathers bags are better than other bags because:

  1. Beauty and Flexibility That Increases Over Time
  2. Long-term durability
  3. Resistant to water and mostly damage-free
  4. Sustainable

All our moms love things that are long-lasting, right? This is the ideal gift for her indeed.

Hair Spa

spa for gift
Our moms are mostly so busy taking care of us they hardly have time to go to the salon. Gift her a hair spa so that she can do it at home and feel really fresh. You can also apply it on her hair and give her a good head massage. The spa will wash away all the tiredness from the daily chores and she will have gorgeous hair as well! There are various hair products out there but remember to choose the best for your mom. I will suggest you buy the product from these trustworthy brands:
  1. Mamaearth
  2. Godrej Professional
  3. TRESemme
  4. Keya Seth Aromatherapy


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A well-tended houseplant is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s an investment that can be admired at for years. Having indoor plants in the house always keep a healthy atmosphere as well. Our moms love to decorate the house with lovely things! And hence, a plant can be an ideal gift. She will nurture it and take care of it daily. When the plant will grow, it will make her happier! Also make sure that the pot is attractive! It does make a difference.

Laptop table

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Sitting on the chair in front of the working desk can be very tiresome most of the times. We all love to sit in our comfy beds and work, don’t we? Gift your mom a laptop table so that she can do her work on the bed comfortably. I would suggest that you choose a table with drawers and cup holder. Owning this will really make her life a lot simpler. She can put her tea cup on the table without fearing that the tea might spill on her laptop or tablet. The drawers will help her store all her essential things so they will also not get lost. She can also use it as a breakfast table. These tables are foldable and can be stored anywhere! Gift her this amazing laptop table and she is definitely going to adore it!

Home Swings

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Home swings are an absolute favourite, aren’t they? We all love them. You can surely gift your mo, a home swing. She can use it as a reading chair or a meditation chair. She can also hang it out in the balcony or roof or even in the garden to enjoy nature. It will also look in the living room or your mom’s bedroom. It will add a charm to the house and can be really fun. While buying, keep in mind that the chair you are buying also comes with a cushion, and is suitable for both adults and kids.

Roti Maker

Roti maker

We all love ‘mummy ke haath ka khana’. But making round and fluffy rotis for the entire family is indeed a tough job. Gift your mom a roti maker and make her job easier! If you have decided to buy a roti maker for her, the following points can be really helpful for you:

  1. A cheap roti maker is usually bad. A branded roti maker will ensure that your rotis cook uniformly and taste good. An unbranded roti maker will leave a bad taste in the mouth.
  2. After you buy it, make sure the dough for the rotis is softer and stickier than usual. The dough for the roti maker has to be very different from the dough usually used while making regular rotis.

Cook something for her

final pancake 2

Our moms spend most of the time in the kitchen cooking for us. Give her a break on her birthday and make her something! This will probably be the best gift of all. Bake her a cake, or make some Pancakes and Scrambled eggs for her for breakfast, or make some delicious Dhokla for snacks. She will love it and be really happy about it.

These gift ideas will definitely put a smile on your mother’s face. But remember to help her out in doing the household chores. Don’t always get busy on your phone. Instead, have a chat with her. These little things matter the most. Happy Birthday to your lovely Mom!

Debdipta Mitra

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